Thursday, August 02, 2007

Giant Hadrian statue found in Turkey

Via rogueclassicism, this astonishing find from Turkey: fragments from a 5-meter statue of the emperor Hadrian. As the RC notes, there's no English coverage yet, but here is a brief item in French. Pardon my rough, paraphrased translation:
A team of archaeologists from the KUL has discovered fragments of an exceptional statue of the Roman Emperor Hadrian during an excavation in Sagalassos, Turkey, reports the VRT (Belgian state TV).

Part of a leg was found with sandals, which indicate that the wearer is an emperor. Part of a thigh and a nearly intact, 70 cm head were also found. The complete statue would have measured 4-5 meters in height. It appears to date to the second century. According to professor Marc Waelkens, who leads the team, it is one of the most beautiful representations of the Emperor Hadrian.
For comparison, here's a bust of Hadrian from the Capitoline Museum in Rome.

Update: Archaeology Magazine now has an online feature on the find.

Update #2: Link provided to the Sagalassos dig.

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